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The Palladium Fantasy Purity Test

Just how obsessed are you!

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Wolfen Symbol for Heed.
Purity Test visitors to date,

Wolfen Symbol for Stop.

A Palladium Fantasy Purity Test score breakdown:
100% & higher - You must have cheated. That or your name is Kevin Siembieda.
075% to 099% - Above Average. You know more about Palladium Fantasy than you should.
050% to 074% - Average. You know enough about Palladium Fantasy that it doesn't interfere with life.
025% to 049% - Below Average. You know enough to be a player. But not enough to find your way out of the Northern Wilderness.
000% to 024% - Horrible. Time to hit the books play some more and learn what this great game is all about.

Some score comparisons:

Rehlman: X-Webmaster of Island of the Southern Cross & Previous holder of the Purity Test - 63%

Gabriel - Webmaster of The Garden - 73.75%

Shawn M. - Webmaster of SM's Palladium Site - 52.94%

The Palladium Purity Test Javascript was written by Biocreator.
Rehlman could not give enough thanks to him for all of his help.
You can check out Biocreators website here.
The Purity Test questions 1-118 were written by Rehlman.
The rest were added & some written by yours truely Midnght.

If you would like to suggest new questions for the purity test, or suggest questions you think should be removed, please eMail me.

Wolfen Symbol for Go.

Back from whence you came?
Wolfen Symbol for Stop.

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This page adopted by the Great Northern Wilderness with permission from Rehlman.
This day of the Empire 08/19/1998