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M'ord'il: Wolfen Diabolist.


M'ord'il was born to a thieving family. Yes, his entire family lineage was of thieves & assassins, & the occasional Diabolist when the genes & desire to pursue the mystic arts arose. The family name of -CENSORED- was their great great ancestors way of wordplay. Many think it's -CENSORED- like that of a -CENSORED-. But no it's -CENSORED- denoting the family lineage. To this day mostly the -CENSORED- know the families lineage for oft time they have need of their services. At an early age M'ord'il became obsessed with his great grandmother -CENSORED-. She was the most recent mystic art user to the lineage & the only one alive long enough to teach him the ways he so desired to learn. His father -CENSORED- was not real happy. He's never really cared for the mystic arts; rather, a blade & a set of lock picks was his fathers way. But he taught M'ord'il what he could & what he would learn while learning from -CENSORED- mother. M'ord'il being the second born of two siblings watched his sister -CENSORED- excel in their family arts while he simply learned the little he felt he would need to know. He was very self reliant & wished to become a Diabolist like his few ancestors, -CENSORED- hoping to become a Diabolist -CENSORED-. As he grew so did his weight. His height did not grow. And this brought him endless ribbing & joking from his friends. A short male Wolfen is not something often seen. Normally the females are the shorter ones. But he couldn't get any taller no matter how hard he tried. By the time he was old enough to -CENSORED- he had topped off at 07'00" & weighed 350 lbs. Normally this isn't so bad but he had a gut which many knew would lead to more weight gain. -CENSORED- worked on training him in basic hth, swimming, & horsemanship. He was also put on a strict weight training course & athletic running regimen. Being a practitioner of the mystic arts & his overly large size. -CENSORED- wanted him in shape. Despite their efforts they couldn't get him to lose weight he just kept gaining & topped out at 500 lbs. Many believe he will still grow in size with age. But he had become stronger & faster than most around him especially for his considerable bulk. He once won a bet outrunning a pony. No one thought he could do it. Think about a 500 lb obese Wolfen? The odds were totally against him. But despite his size, if he needed to be somewhere else, he could run there in almost no time flat. So it was when -CENSORED-. It was on -CENSORED- that he found himself in a human graveyard to his surprise & disgust there was a human performing a summoning of what he later found out to be ghouls. If it wasn't for his great speed the ghouls would have surely caught him. He has been forever since ready to wipe the world of these foul creatures & bogies who tricked his mother to wander too far from home & into a bog where she drowned. It wasn't till about a month later that the troops on a routine patrol happened across her bloated body with her hand gripping the figure of a creature who they assume brought about her death. The figure of course was an 8" tall spindly black bogie. His mother's death spurred him to learn the lore of the faeries--mostly for the knowledge of how to destroy bogies any time he came across them & to know their habitats. This is where M'ord'il is left to start -CENSORED-.

Standing 07'00" tall is solid black coated Wolfen male.He is short for male standards & obviously over weight. The muscles that bulge from his legs & arms seem appropriate. On his forehead a small circle of short hair grows. Dressed in either studded leather or tunic & breeches. He seems always confident like he needs no one else's help in the world. The sword on his left side points to his ability to use it or not. Various mystic symbols can be seen upon the three belt purses he wears. Many old looking & some fresh looking mystic symbols upon the armor warn you of his possible nature. But anyone can buy such symbols or mimic them, so maybe not. He carries himself remarkably well for someone of such obvious bulk. He seems as though he could sprint away at any given moment.

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